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Material : PVC

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  • We manufacture high-quality Seal Stickers.
  • Size and Design the party requirement.
  • Material of sticker PVC
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Seal sticker labels play a vital role in the packaging and mailing of goods. These stickers are a simple means of confirming authenticity when an item has been opened for the first time. As seals, they provide secure tamper protection and can display additional information about the product.


When it comes to getting high-quality seal stickers, United Graphix can be the ideal choice. We are a prominent seal sticker label manufacturer based in New Delhi. Our expertise lies in producing and supplying a wide array of seal sticker labels including PVC seal sticker labels. Make safety your brand’s priority with United Graphix’s seal sticker labels. These tamper-evident stickers give your brand a guarantee of genuineness. The seal stickers offered at United Graphix are an incredible boon in giving buyers a stress-free experience with your products. Buyers can rest assured your products reach their places unopened and perfectly sealed. Our seal sticker labels are durable by design and are created in such a way they adhere firmly but still be easy to open. The offered stickers can be used for sealing jars, bottles, bags, boxes, parcels, etc.


You can choose the custom shapes, sizes, prints, and designs for your seal stickers at United Graphix. We have a sufficient stock of durable seal sticker labels with a variety of lamination options and can meet the bulk demands of our clients immediately.


Here are some of the advantages of our seal sticker labels:


These stickers are easy to use and can easily be unrolled on all types of materials and media.


You can customize your seals with your own logo, colors, barcode, sequential numbers, QR codes, etc. which identify that the product belongs to you.


These stickers are a great option to protect your goods from theft. They cannot be tampered with or reattached after removal providing your goods with long-lasting protection.


Once glued, these seal stickers withstand severe conditions as well as mishandling causing risks of rubbing and tearing.


We are a leading seal sticker label supplier in India and owing to our wide distribution network and the fastest transit system; buyers can receive their orders on a timely basis.

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