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With Covid-19 causing a rampage over the human race and bringing the world to a standstill, it is high time we take essential steps to ensure we are protected from the pandemic. We at United Graphix are your reliable essential products manufacturer in Delhi. And, to fight this pandemic and the virus, masks, gloves, PPE kits and face shield have become an important day to day essential.


Why These Products are Essential to Fight off Coronavirus?

  • Face shields are simple and transparent screens that cover the face and helps in preventing the virus or the infectious droplets to come in touch with your face, nose, eyes, ears and especially your mouth. We are a reliable essential products supplier in Delhi providing quality standard product.
  • Face shields are worn in conjunction with masks. Thus, water droplets that come out from your mouth cannot reach others and vice versa. It also prevents you from touching your face which thus, creates a layer of protection.
  • PPE kits would be the best way to shield medical health workers and frontline warriorsand protect them. Buy wholesale protective mask in Delhi at affordable rates which would come in three layers thus stopping droplets from leaving or entering. Covering from head to toe, this helps them in attending to affected patients without fearing about contracting the virus.


We have in store for you pack of 10 non-woven elastic ear loop disposable masks, anti-bacterial protection masks, reusable face shields and disposable protective coverall suits.


Why Us?

We would be your best shot in buying a quality product without putting a pinch in your pocket. You might find a lot of product in the market but that does not mean they would provide ultimate protection. But, we understand that when you are purchasing products from us, you think not just about you but your loved ones too. Keeping you satisfied, healthy and protected is the only way, we would be able to overcome this deadly pandemic and get our normal lives back.

Buy high-quality essential products at best price with quality control. We pay extra care to even the smallest of the matters and with experience of so many years, understand what our customers require.

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